Walking into a Winter Wonderland that dazzles the senses is what The Christmas Hut offers at Christmas time. Let us custom design your home, office, Church, or any corporate function or institution!

Welcome To The Christmas Hut


Whether it is in the way of simply extravagant, gorgeous Christmas Decor beautifying Homes, Businesses, Institutions or Private and Corporate Events of Christmas Festivals that light up the hearts of children of all ages, The Christmas Hut has something for everyone!

Intrigued by the beauty of Christmas as well as wonderful childhood memories is what inspired me to start a company that sells elegant Christmas Decor, Giftware and Ornaments at affordable Prices for everyone to enjoy.

Bring the Magic of Christmas into your home and create your own private Winter Wonderland with this extra added Elegance from The Christmas Hut!

Next to God Himself, human life is the greatest gift our Creator has bestowed upon us. He loves us so much, that God Himself, in the Person of Jesus Christ became one of us in the flesh.

May the Light of Christ bring the hope of salvation to our broken and troubled world, this Christmas and always, as it allows us to see all things anew.

All of us from The Christmas Hut would like to invite everyone to focus on the true meaning of Christmas and be thankful for all that we are able to enjoy with family and friends.

To visit our store, please see the events link above for further details.

Merry Christmas and God Bless!

Tina Athanasakos, President